The 7 Corks

We, The 7 Corks™ would like to welcome you to our home page. The launch of the home page has been long under way, but we are now very proud to be able to share our little hobby on a broader stage. Who knows, maybe it will be an idea for others who enjoy red wine to start something similar or even better, to have the motivation to start a chapter of The 7 Corks™ somewhere else in the world.

As an introduction to the home page, we would like to tell you a little about how The 7 Corks™ started, a little about our philosophy and the goals and visions we have for our wine cellar. In the course of the following, we will also explain how our logo ended up looking like it did.

It all began on April 6th 2002. On yet another occasion a wonderful glas of red wine was being consumed. A Carbio 1995 (from a vineyard approximately 100 kilometers north of Rome). It was really an excellent wine and as so many times before we asked ourselves if we would remember this wine and vintage in the future. We realized that we had asked that question one too many times. That evening Maximilian Kurz and Christian F. Pedersen (two of the four founding members of The 7 Corks™) decided to do something about it.

We came to the conclusion that we had all the opportunities to start a nice quaint red wine cellar, due to the fact that the cellar space was available and that we had people around us, who would be willing to start the cellar with us (Edwin Kurz and Ursula Kurz, the remaining 2 founders of The 7 Corks™). We all four decided to take this idea to the next level, which was taking action on the things we had talked about so many times before, meaning bringing our ideas to reality..

During the course of 2002 we we still didn’t know what to call our wine cellar; however we had already set the frame work for the wine tasting. Each wine tasted was going to be graded on a 7 cork scale. We had decided that we would do it in an open round discussion and that the grade for each person would be documented. The average of the amount of persons attending the wine tasting would be the grade written into the wine tasting book. During the course of the summer 2002, we would bring up the subject during wine tasting sessions (in the beginning these were only attended by the four founding members) until one evening Maximilian Kurz came up with the idea to call it The 7 Corks™, due to the grading system used. It was unanimously decided by all four founding members that this was the perfect name for our little club.

Shortly after, having defined the name of our wine cellar, Maximilian Kurz and Christian F. Pedersen took the whole idea to yet another level. Enthusiastic with the idea of having our own wine cellar, we decided to create the cellar logo. We can hardly believe it ourselves, but it was created on a Saturday evening, after a wine tasting and after having sat at the computer for a couple of hours. There we finished what today is the official logo of The 7 Corks™.

A short explanation of the logo is that the The 7 Corks™ is written in the 5 main languages of the biggest wine production regions worldwide: German, English, Spanish, French and Italian. Of course we have placed 7 corks on the logo defining the way that the wines are graded. Oak barrels are the center of the logo, which symbolizes vintages and refers to the main philosophy of the wine cellar: buy young, store it and try the same wine over a number of years to see if it gets better with maturity (for big vintages and vineyards there is also a monetary aspect to be taken into consideration. They are cheaper to acquire if you buy them young). Just beneath the barrels there are two Vines with the wording CEMU MMII written between the vines. CEMU stands for the first initials of the first names of all the founding members (Christian, Edwin, Maximilian and Ursula) and the MMII is the Roman numbering for the founding year (2002)

As mentioned before, we had a cellar room available to store our bottles of wine. A vaulted, red brick cellar of approximately 9m2 in Kriftel, Germany. We have mentioned our main philosophy of the wine cellar in the previous passage; however, we also have a goal for the number of bottles in the cellar. We aim to have a running inventory of 600 bottles and not more than 600 bottles. The reason for this number is that we are a private club. We do invite people to become honorary members of The 7 Corks™, however we would like to keep our cellar as a private collection. Had we decided to publicize The 7 Corks™, we would have to open this to the broad public, which was not our desire, nor our intention from the beginning. We have however decided to make our wine tasting results public on the internet. It might serve as a guide for other people. We do invite our Honorary Members to the wine tasting and due to the fact that we choose who is invited to become an Honorary Member, we know that the wines taken out of the cellar, (cheap or expensive, weather it is a renowned vineyard or not) will be appreciated for the core concept of our little club: To enjoy good red wine, to talk about it and grade it according to the rules set forth of The 7 Corks™.

As the years passed, the concept became more and more decadent. Please do not be mistaken by this choice of words, however we came to the point where we had to decide if this was going to be a little quant club or if we should build it up in such a way that it would become something special for the founders and the chosen Honorary Members. One of the steps in this process was creating this home page. We have diplomas for the people who receive an Honorary Membership and we have delegated Master titles to each person that is in the circle of The 7 Corks™. This is done to give a greater meaning of being a part of this club. We still have many things that we would like to do with The 7 Corks™, and we are in the process of implementing them. However things take time, but better to take the time and do it right from the beginning, rather than rushing through something that is not taken seriously in the end.

We hope that you will enjoy browsing through our home page. Among the wines and the tasting grades that we give, The 7 Corks™ have also been on trips, which are documented under the news section. When we visit vineyards, we document every visit so if you should be planning a vacation in that particular area, you would be able to see if there is a vineyard close by with indications of do’s and don’t’s. If we have a secret tip, you can also catch up on this. For now we invite you to have a peek in our little red wine world and hope you will enjoy it too.

Kind Regards
The four founding members of The 7 Corks™