The cellar
The 7 Corks

Welcome to the cellar of The 7 Corks.

What began as an idea to have a wine cellar, developed over the years to a cellar that any person would be proud of.

The cellar of The 7 Corks is located in a vaulted, red brick cellar of a house in Kriftel, Germany that was built in 1905. The part of the cellar that holds the wine for The 7 Corks has remained unchanged since it was built in 1905.

One of the main benefits on how a house was built in 1905 is that the foundation of the house is the vaulted cellar itself. Due to this construction, it was not necessary to pour concrete directly onto the cellar floor, clay was used instead. The advantage to this is, that the humidity of the cellar stays constant during the entire year.

We do have a little issue regarding the temperature in the cellar. Due to the global warming of the climate, we are not keeping a constant temperature of 14 and 16C during the course of a year. We have measured the temperature in the cellar to be between 11C in winter and 23c in summer. This is too great of a variation, however The 7 Corks is looking into acquiring a cooling device especially built for the circumstances in a cellar like ours. According to the principles of The 7 Corks, this is however not critical, as we do not plan in having wine stored in the cellar for more than 15 years.

Just like Rome, the cellar was not built in one day. It has grown in the number of wine shelves from December 2003 until December 2005. The cellar, if completely full would be able to hold approximately 900 bottles of wine, however The 7 Corks in Kriftel, Germany has declared a maximum of 600 bottles.

Attached is the drawn overview of the cellar and the following shows pictures of it as well. As you can see from the drawing all cubicles are numbered. This has been done to ensure that we can find any specific wine that has been chosen for tasting
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Following are some pictures of the cellar. As mentioned before, all the racks were built by Founders Maximilian Kurz and Christian F. Pedersen in the period from December 2003 until December 2005.



This is the entrance to the wine cellar placed in a vaulted cellar built in 1905


 The logo of the 7 Corks was engraved into the door of the wine cellar



 Standing in the wine cellar, looking out.


 Wine Rack A.
This was the first wine rack that was built in
December 2003 by Founders Maximilian Kurz and Christian
F. Pedersen



 Above shows racks B and C .
Rack B was the first rack that was built for the purchasing philosophy of The 7 Corks. Each of the larger cubicles holds 9 bottles, which is the amount bought of each wine when we do our purchases for the wine cellar.
Rack C (to the right) is the latest addition to the wine cellar. It holds single bottles and Magnum bottles.



 A 100 year old oak barrel was
donated by Raphael Cezard
(Honorary Member)


Above is wine rack D.
This rack was built exclusively to
hold 9 bottles in each cubicle. Each individual cubicle
has a number which is used to catalogue the wine in
the official Wine Inventory Program which was created
by Flemming A. Jensen (Honorary Member and Web
Master for The 7 Corks)

We hope you have enjoyed our little tour of the wine cellar.
We, the Founders of The 7 Corks have taken very much pride in building it.